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Cat Music (2008)

An album about life and the world and everything juicy.

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Justice Rules!


Justice Rules! (which is me) is a magical one man ban(d) experience from somewhere in the universe. I haved been quoted as the inverter of rock'n'roll (by myself) and the inverter of myself (by rock'n'roll). I make semi-psychotropic instrumental tunes about life, love, and bizarre monsters that live in my brain.... hope you enjoy it!!! Dimes!!! Justice McAwesome

Justice McAwesome- Lead Guitar, banjolina, and glowing Sinister Dei- Lead bass Mr. Flower- Melodica, harmonica, electric kazoo, and acid-trip guitar Capt. Yamaha- Drums Eman Diputs- Percussion, Vibes, and hitting things in general Ivan Zephyr- Piano, organ, synth, and upright accordian Narcoleptic Crab-Apple Taft- Acoustic blues guitbox and "jaw" harp Ice- Guits and Ziths Anderson Gately III- more drums And occasionally featuring the help of: Zane (without his imaginary band)- bass, keys, and whatevs Boomer Moore- Tambourine and other stuffzz For more info, go to my myspace and I'll post a blog!!! www.myspace.com/justicerulesmusic



Completed Albums

Cat Music(2008)

An album about life and the world and everything juicy.

12:03 AM- Birthdays are Never as Good as The Day Before
Return of the Haunted Mental Bike-Locks
Lester, the Last Tissue in the Box
Floating in Your Sea of Chicken Noodle Soup
The Blue-Purple Tears of Alien Ghosts
And I Wont Pick Up Your Frozen Trash Anymore (A Song For Under-Payed Workers)
My Dream In Which Everyones Dead(Except for Me, my Cat, and my Danish)
The Disgruntled Pants Monster Takes An Office Job with The Mayor
The Stumbling Steps of the Broken Night Elemental
The Intercollary Adventures Ada & Inman
11. Screw This, Im Burning My Guitars (Because I Dont Want to Live In A World Where Cats Freeze And Panic! At The Disco is the Most Requested Song of the Night)